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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Penganugerahan Sijil Sarjana

Hello everybody!!! long time no blog2 here so busy with convo. at last, after we rest2 so long n we have energy back now we can blog again yay!! (*jumping*). thanks for the pix requests (perasan! haha). here i will post ol d great2 moments of graduation that we can share together2 so that everyone also feel the moments n happiness :) sory for the englishness since we long time no school anymore we become low profile we dont want to show off the goodness of our speaking skills hahahaha hohohoho so d many of YuL's face on this piece. we shall wait for leech to post her faces up here soon hahahahhaha leech wer r u bitch! hahahahhaah anyhooo update eh blog ani eh cam taie banar!!! c u guys in d future~~~~~ lalalallalalala


suzila a said...

mwahs!! congrats sistas kami!

we is the very proudness to the successness of u too, ahaks!! ;)

Leej said...

shoitttttttttttt...banyakness mua nurolness...this is not adilnesss~~grrr!!!:p

YuL @ Phatty said...

thanks for the feeling of proudness for both of us.. we feel so very touchy inside n we dont noe how to describe our feelings hahahhaa so d happiness is still here from graduation until now, is still here u noe???! can u imagine?? its been so long already the graduation..oh my goat~ sob sob sniff

Maharani @ [M.A.D] said...

Oh my goat.. hahah! da circumcision of da cirferenceness... it owl defense!

batah jua abis c bella ani!